Full Patch Membership is open to male veterans who have served in a prescribed warlike operation, and have received the associated  medals and awards.  Be warned, we conduct a very thorough investigation into claims of being a veteran.



Military Members, those not having qualifed for a prescribed warlike operation, do not wear the full back patch.  They do however wear badges to denote their military service, including medals and awards where entitled.  Other significant patches identify them as being a proud members of the Veterans MC Midnorth SA Chapter.

Membership of the Club is not an entitlement just because you are a veteran or have undertaken military service.  You will need to earn the right to be called a member.

Regular visits to the Clubhouse will allow you to learn about the Club and meet everyone.  If you demonstrate the correct attitude over time, and are well received, you may be offered prospective membership.

Prospective members must complete a nomination period.  During this time you will need to prove your commitment through regular attendance and completion of club related duties.

Members must own a registered approved motorcycle over 650cc, and hold the applicable license to ride it.

# Prescribed warlike operations are those approved and gazetted by the Governor General.

We are not looking for numbers, we only want good men